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A huge swedish community with 1.200.000+ members (about 14% of the swedish population) and the mean age is 18 years.
Lunarstorm is a huge community.
by Piar July 23, 2005

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A totalitarian society of "fjortisar" ruled by Bjarne and his followers, "lunarcrew".

Have adapted their own language which some say originates from Swedish.
aZzÅ lUnarztOm iz tYp a Noobizh coMUnity
by Ectoplasma February 27, 2004
A Swedish Community (Lunarstorm.se)
that was big in the late 90's - early 2000 and used by basically all kids.
These days it's widely viewed as a community for losers or kids, although the community is still rather big and recently got a completely new look.

Lunarstorm looks more appropiate for all kinds of ages now
but still has a bad reputation among a lot of people who view the site as lame or whatever. The site probably would have even more members if they changed the name of the community.
- Jag är på Lunarstorm :)

- Eh.... okej... kul.
by Mirxi October 18, 2010
A swedish internet community wich is extremely popular among fourteen-year old schoolkids.
"Dude, you don't have a Lunarstorm? You're like, totally not cool."
by Fredde September 07, 2004
When you moon someone and accidentally fart.
Man, you mooned that guy but farted in his face. That was such a Lunarstorm!
by bobbobobobob November 07, 2005
Seems like a nice person. Always full of good ideas and nice to talk to. Seems very friendly and always willing to talk.
Lunar Storm is a nice friend.
by Mot Studios November 15, 2004
A noobish, swedish community foor unleet noobs
Hey, whats up?

Lunarstorm Text:
Haj, whass jupp.
by XiTER May 26, 2003