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being unleet means being 1337 wifout the 1337/leet/elite attitude.
Not n00b nub or newb !
<person1>are there stupid questions
<person2>there are no stupid questions only stupid answers
<person3>U n00b 4sk!ng th4t mak3s m3 w4nt t0 p4wnz0r u 4rs3 b3w4r3 0f i h4x0rz sk!lz

<person3> is wanna be leet, <person2> most likely unleet
by hemelskonijn July 10, 2008
A guy noobish computer user
A guy asks where he can download broadband...
by XiTER May 26, 2003
Not leet
<corey> define unleet?
<ian> not leet
by dug z berto December 29, 2002