penis of a grown up boy
jab usne apna lula dikhaya; by god main to hairan ho gayi
by sandhya October 13, 2004
Top Definition
1. n. A general term for very attractive, yet intelligent woman. In other words, a 'sex bomb' 2. n. A term used to describe women gifted in the culinary arts
"There was this one fiery hot chef back at that restaurant!"

"Yeah. That girl was such a Lula!"
by Adam Chu August 04, 2008
nickname of the president of brazil
lula is a drunk man
by Fabio Lucas May 28, 2004
abbr.) An acronym meaning 'love you like a sister'. Another in a long series of obnoxious abbreviations used by the AIM generation.
hottie_chik2005: g2g
southernguy07: ttfn! lulas!
by Omusubi April 14, 2005
stands for

love you like a sis ( or sister)
can be used sarcastically or for real.
Common in middle school
buddy-Aw- Amanda your so sweet :)

me-Don't mention it, I L.U.L.A.S
by Skully! July 11, 2009
shorthand for love u like a sister!
g2g! ttul! lulas! <<Megan typed to Jocelyn when she had to go.
by Rachel** February 26, 2005
suck my lula
by ~GKI~ March 24, 2004
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