The nickname for Luther Campbell, who started the 2 live crew as Luke Skywalker, but stopped using that name after legal action was threatened by Lucasfilm. Afterwards, he changed his company to Luke Records and was called either Luke or Luther Campbell. Luke' lyrics are wildly varied and run the gamut from sexually suggestive to sexually explicit to sexually abusive. Contrary to what many people think, Luke is not and has never been a gangsta rapper. Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them. His CDs are generally nonviolent.
Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them.
by gruefood June 06, 2006
Lukes are probably the coolest people you've ever met, if you have the good fortune of getting to know a Luke you are one lucky individual. Lukes have phenomenal fashion sense and are the best kind of friend you could ever want to have. Luke is also subliminally altering the minds of the public to begin laying the seed for world domination. Luke is an evil genius, but because of his sweet and quirky personality fools you into believing he is harmless.

"Luke" may also be used as a descriptive word.
"Hey man, sick car, it's really Luke'n!"

"Wow, that guy is so Luke."
by yellowsubmarineoctopus March 30, 2012
A wanna-be Bruce Lee who will always try his hardest and achieve any goal he thinks up. He super supportive and will do anything for the ones he loves. Luke is always ther for his friends, family and special girl. Lukes are also amazing kissers!
Gemma: OMGOSH! Luke is so amazing! He even listened to my crying on the phone at 2 am when i had some things going on!
by ConnectionsXD December 30, 2011
Luke is the best guy friend anyone could ever have! He is an amazing person! He is trustworthy. He is so much fun to be around! He is so cool! He is sporty. You can always count on him! He secretly likes this one girl, and she secretly likes him! He should go for that girl. She will say yes. And Luke is very cute!
Luke is my bestfriend!

That person is defiantly a luke
by Girly12 June 12, 2013
Luke is a boy that you try hard not to fall in love with because they are so perfect; but in the end you can't help it. They have amazing features such as; gorgeous eyes, a sharp face,and beautifully colored hair that flows perfectly. He has a smile that makes your heart melt from the inside out. They are extremely strong and an amazingly talented athlete with rippling muscles. He has a truly kind heart that feels concern for people he doesn't even know and helps out anyone in need. Not only that, but Luke is extremely intelligent too. And if you are lucky enough to be friends with this man, well let me make this clear. If you are a girl, no matter how hard you try, you fall absolutely head over heels in love with him. You become absorbed in the beauty of his personality. If you are a boy, you are lucky enough to be bros with this guy who will always have your back no matter what the situation. If you are their significant other, you've hit the jack pot. Congratulations, treat them well. Luke is an amazing person that everyone must love.
Person 1: Who's the guy that's helping that girl pick up her books?

Person 2: Hah, thats Luke, no wonder. He's probably making sure she's alright and is offering to walk her to class just to be sure.

Person 1: What a great guy.

Person 2: Tell me about it.
by mystique121 June 01, 2012
A guy. Usually sexy in a different way. Nice, not much of a player, but lots of girls secret lust/love him. A punk or gangster or bad boy all around. A good guy when you get to know him, seemingly doesn't give a **** about anything. Seems weird/scary at first sight but turns out to be a quality friend. Huge schlong. Will be friends with anyone almost. Funny, drinks occasionally.
"you know luke?"
"he's so hot! he's awesome too!"
"no he isn't he's weird"
"yeah right, we talk all the time"
by hiitsyournamer November 27, 2011
Someone who will make you laugh and smile. Also the best friend you can ask for and leads people in the right direction.
My friend Luke is super funny and nice
by IActDead May 28, 2013
Luke is a guy who is tired of people coming up to him and saying "Luke, I am your father" but other than that Luke's are very out going guys who are always willing to lend a hand. They are athletic, good looking guys that every girl would kill to date. They are friendly and will do anything they possibly can to help someone out.
Some guy: Luke, I am your father!
Luke: Dude, stop saying that!

Some girl: I would totally marry Luke!
Other girl: I would change our last name to skywalker!
by Cally Gieser August 13, 2013

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