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(v) an emotional refusal to accept the revelation of an inconvenient or uncomfortable truth, such as realizing one of your fundamental beliefs or arguments is incorrect, or discovering that the Dark Lord of the Sith is your father.
Luke...I am your father.
No...NO...that's not true!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!
Now you're just skywalkering.
by hiyeebubbaleigh June 10, 2011

to Skywalker (someone): To pester a famous person with demands for his or her attention and/or approval.
I was at this convention, and I saw Mark Hamill get completely Skywalkered by a pack of spastic fanboys!
by Chris Greatorex May 05, 2008
Southern California natives, these five young men are musically wise beyond their years. With an average age of only 21, each member has at least a decade of musical experience--most with several bands under their belt. They're no strangers to the local scene, a fact that's evident in their following, and in their performance. Headlining a number of sold-out shows in Ventura County, and drawing significant crowds in both L.A. and Santa Barbara, Sky Walker is already a staple in the local scene and is ready to explode nationally.

Sometimes raw and unforgiving, sometimes delicate, always melodic; Sky Walker is exactly what a rock band is supposed to be. With an original repertoire that runs the gamut from deeply emotional, R & B influenced acoustic songs to thrashing, pit-friendly, double-time rock anthems, Sky Walker's music is as diverse as the culture that spawned them, and they've got the musicianship to back it up.
1. Orange and gray
2. Stalemate
3. In these eyes
4. Mixed emotions
5. Every word
6. The spider
7. A forgotten paradise
8. Vampire
9. Embers
10. Every word (radio edit)
by frillzitsaaron July 19, 2006
It's when you make out with your sister. You skywalker her.
He pulled a skywalker.
He pulled a skywalker.

He skywalkered his sister. (redundant)
He skywalkered the blank out of her.
by IAMBeowolfreal May 27, 2011
An unsafe driver who changes lanes from one side of the freeway to the next without stopping.
"Look at that skywalker! He just flew from the first lane to the off-ramp like it was one huge lane change!"
by Miss Digg February 18, 2010
A shaggy haired, wimpish, nymphomaniac that cowers in fear of The Nulk.

A brilliant retard!!!!!

Hey, remember that time when we locked Sky Walker in a room with The Nulk. We heard screeming... We found him in a corner cowering in fear while The Nulk stared in awe at this puny Sky Walker...
by The Nulk December 01, 2006
Any protagonist who is whiny, dependent, indecisive, or has an otherwise weak personality. See Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Eragon, Ephram.
"Eragon, stop being such a skywalker and kill the Urgals already."
by Fakegoatee December 08, 2006
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