The nickname for Luther Campbell, who started the 2 live crew as Luke Skywalker, but stopped using that name after legal action was threatened by Lucasfilm. Afterwards, he changed his company to Luke Records and was called either Luke or Luther Campbell. Luke' lyrics are wildly varied and run the gamut from sexually suggestive to sexually explicit to sexually abusive. Contrary to what many people think, Luke is not and has never been a gangsta rapper. Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them. His CDs are generally nonviolent.
Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them.
by gruefood June 06, 2006
An amazing boy who will quickly pick up your heart with the slightest of ease. He will sweep you off your feet in no time at all.

Music lover, talented, intelligent, sweet, humorous, perfect:)

Never pass up a chance at dating a Luke.

NOT Lucas.

Girl 1- hey, heard you met someone. who's the guy?

Girl 2- Luke *Blushes*

Girl 1-Ooooo Someone is in love!

Girl 2-he's head over heels for him.

Look at that guy...HOT. he must be a Luke.
by amjmusic September 24, 2010
Someone who drives you crazy (in love, that is.) He makes you laugh, think, better yourself. If you find him, keep him, your officially the luckiest person in the world!!!!!
Look at that girl, with that guy, he must be Luke
by Kake ;) August 29, 2010
Someone who always sticks by his convictions. A person of deep integrity. Not always the first one to speak out, but is always the loudest voice when he does. Luke's always know when something is wrong, and will try to help out when he can. He is sometimes considered annoying or awkward, but those close to him know how truley wonderful he can be.
You know Luke?" "yeah..." "He is great, he is always there when you need him.
by Cactus123 August 30, 2010
a great and loving boyfriend. the most amazing person on earth, which is super funny, amazing, and spiffy. he's the best friend that anyone could ever ask for and he's an awesome boyfriend too ! :D haha
whoah, i love me some luke.!
by angelak April 12, 2010
Also known as a 'Cody', a 'Luke' is a guy who will make a great husband and a great father. People around him realize that he is talented, handsome and caring. Drinks lots of coke and showers his loved ones with affection.
McK:the best part of my life is that Luke boy.
by Marahute February 04, 2010
The most lovable person who i love cuz he is my bf. and yeah. woo!
I love you like a Luke.
by Airswift101 December 23, 2008
Lukes tends to be gorgeous, cute, sweet, sensitive, kind hearted, admirable, charming, loving, caring and well a little bit cheeky at the best of times.

They know the correct way in which to treat a girl, though often get let down a lot too.
Hot, Charming, Alluring, Mcdonalds, Luke
by GoodGirlTurntBad December 04, 2010
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