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A crazy out of this world scheme that usually backfires! Inspired by Lucille Ball's crazy antics or schemes on "I Love Lucy."
My sister pulled me into a lucy, when she tricked her husband into going with us.
by ecs25858 January 01, 2011
4504 1667
A sexy, attractive female who is intelligent and understanding. A fun filled character with endless amusement. Usually found in the UK with dazzling eyes and a smile to die for, a cuddly person who means the world to anyone (unless retarded)
1: hows your relationship?
2: crap!
1: why?
2: i need a lucy, i got a bob :(
1: dumb ass nigga!!
by gym hym April 12, 2007
3876 2507
Another name for Acid, or LSD
Oi, let me get a few hits of Lucy.
by Korea February 20, 2005
2788 1706
a small cute girl with a dazzling smile and beautiful eyes. often doesn't realise just how beautiful and charming she is. a lucy is intelligent, kind and the best sort of friend. she is there for you when you're sad and gives the most amazing hugs. she is funny without knowing it and has a head full of amazing stories. a lucy longs for fun and adventure and loves to dance. lucy can be shy and full of self doubt, but once she lets you in she will make you happier than you ever realised.
1. who's that girl? she must be a lucy, she's so awesome and doesn't even know it.
2. you have a lucy? lucky bastard, don't ever let her go.
3. damn i fucked up. don't worry man, lucy will forgive you, she's amazing.
by nye09 April 18, 2010
1999 1452
Some hot chick who your friends like better than you.
Wow, who's that!
It must be that Lucy girl.
by Lucy Eden April 21, 2008
1892 1498
Sarcastic, malicious dark haired girl from the Peanuts comic strip and animated TV specials who was an absolute bitch to Charlie Brown. Frequently offered to hold a football for him to kick, but would always pull it away at the last second, resulting in his flying through the air and landing flat on his ass. Was madly in love with musical prodigy Schroeder, though he barely noticed her. Occasionally ran a psychiatric booth (with a copay of five cents), though Snoopy was her only patient.
Charlie Brown should have put anthrax in Lucy's Hawaiian Punch.
by MRT2 October 11, 2006
1091 810
biggest bumlick ever, annoys everyone even though they dont admit it, thinks she's all that, thinks its cool to be a dickwad, always gets in the way, always has to be center of attention, do something harsh to her and she'll do it back but 10x worse
you know that girl lucy yeah? she bumlicks me so much.
by shabasd3yegci June 26, 2012
267 101