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The middle man in a 3-way buttfuck. Also known as the French Sandwich
As the black balls were slapping off his quivering ass, Pierre thought to himself, "you're so Lucky Pierre"
by JTB June 04, 2003
Quebec French

The middle person in a three-way, often erroneously reported as an all-male threesome. The person in the middle of all the action. It can be any combination of male and female partners, though "Lucky Pierre" is the term for the man in the middle.
Being the "Lucky Pierre" between Chasey Lain and Rocco has both a benefit and drawback.
by Bif Malibu October 20, 2004
The middle male in a threesome. Implies middle guy is fucking one person while getting fucked by another.
the first is receiving the second and the second is receiving from the third then the second man is called the lucky pierre.
by Jon January 02, 2004
The person in the middle position of a three person threesome. To achieve the status of Lucky Pierre they must be both penetrated by the person behind them and penetrating the person in front of them simultaneously.

This is not an exclusively homosexual act performed by three gentlemen. It can be performed by one lucky gentleman and two ladies, one of whom is equipped with a strap on dildo. It can be performed by two bisexual gentleman and a lady, it can even be performed by three ladies sharing two strap ons. The possibilities are numerous.
Anne, Bob and Christie decided to have the night of their dreams. As Bob fucked Anne, Christie pegged him with her strap on, and there was much rejoicing. Bob had finally become a Lucky Pierre and could now die a happy man.
by Lucky Pierre Afficionado August 14, 2012
The meat in a three man sandwich.
The prison warden joined in from behind making prisoner number 24601 the lucky pierre.
by Arnie Py August 29, 2005
The middle guy in a gay threesome.
John was so drunk in Bangkok that he didn't realize the threesome he was having was in a gay bordello until one of the trannys entered him from behind while he was butt fucking another one, making him a Lucky Pierre.
by The Commodore July 22, 2008
The guy in the middle of homosexual 3 way buttsecks. He is both a driver and a passenger on the Hershey highway all at the same time. Picture three spoons -- Lucky Pierre is the one in middle.
Lucky Pierre is not only pitches and catches for the same team, he is doing both at the same time.
by Lodacius Barsnips May 29, 2013
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