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a girlfriend or boyfriend who regularly hacks into your email and reads it without your knowledge.
Damn, that boy is a total Warden. He's been reading my gmail for months. DTMFA.
by lilajane May 16, 2008
An alpha male of the group. As in the Warden who bears the keys.
How's it hanging Warden?
by wwbdd June 18, 2010
a girl who keeps her boyfriend on lockdown...making him her bitch
The Q-Doctor had to ask for the warden's permission before he agreed to hang out.
by birdman May 23, 2004
Someone who is very set in their ways, and likes everything organized to their personal satisfaction. This person has a strict set of rules, which he expects to be followed. Has OCD with dirty dishes and things out of place.
Person 1 "Let's have a party at your place"

Person 2 " Um, that's probably a bad idea. If the warden finds out I'm gonna be in big trouble"

by Teka22 March 25, 2009
1 Person who watches convicts, usually portrayed in a negative light.

2 Person who is unecessarilly strict with person in their control: "parent"
1 The warden took him to solitary

2 She can't sneak out out, the warden's prowling.
by Evvie July 19, 2005
A parent who doesnt let their child out of the house often!
Sorry! I cant come over tonight, the warden wont let out of the house!
by Prisoner004 August 28, 2010
A younger woman who is into older men. Similar to jail bait, except legal.
"OMG, Stephanie, Becca is totally hitting on that guy over there!"
"Oh GOD, Becca is such a Warden! That guy has got to be at LEAST 23!"
"I KNOW, and she's just 19 like us!"
by PigsInABlanket January 28, 2012
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