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The middle man in a 3-way buttfuck. Also known as the French Sandwich
As the black balls were slapping off his quivering ass, Pierre thought to himself, "you're so Lucky Pierre"
by JTB June 04, 2003
Word for a person who is crazy about music, beats and rhythm.
Man that guy realy likes music, he must be a Swingpjatt.
by JTB June 12, 2004
A cheesey (and profoundly smelly) secretion that collects on the backside of an unwashed scrotum
John was surprised to find that he liked the taste of DUCK BUTTER on his morning toast.
by JTB October 06, 2003
Spitting onto your partners back while performing intercourse "doggy style" in such a way that you make them feel as if you've ejaculated onto their back. When they turn around to look at you, blow your load in their face.
Shirley fell victim to the phantom, and found herself having a very salty, unexpected meal.
by JTB October 06, 2003
The act in which a woman sucks the cock of the same man who moments earlier was balls deep in her can. (See also CORN HOLE)
After the movies, Frank treated Judy to a nice Hot Karl sundae, with whipped cream and nuts.
by JTB June 04, 2003

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