fat lying slob poser snob and douche nozzle who lies about having a dance party on her roof with jay-z
roof breaking fat girl who wants to be rich person luca
by krotchies April 06, 2010
a somewhat well-known red fox from the YS & the Latex Blue forum. Known for crossdressing, among other things.

Also very cute it has been said..
Then again Luca, you're EVERYONE'S favorite kink!
by Luca Shoal March 17, 2005
(verb.) To retroactively redefine a well-established and imagined background story (or actual, real-world history)in such a way that it invalidates the results of that history or story.

Also selectively remembering details in a way that presents the rememberer in a finacially advantageous light.

Can also be used an an adjective.

See also Luca$

Originates with George Lucas's Star Wars movies, episodes I through III, which revise many of their secondary characters' backgrounds to such an extent that many of their actions in the original films (episodes IV through VI) make almost no sense.
The costuming in the second and third Matrix movies was excellent. It's too bad that the plotlines got lucassed all to hell.
by Worg April 29, 2006
aka a a dookie, a random guy who will suck your dick for Beer money or stale chips.
Man I just got the best blow job from that Lucas down the street.
by Jay___Tee April 20, 2009
A term used to call someone if they are gay and like to do activities that little girls usually do.
Luis is a lucas, he watches Hannah Montana and is a fag.
That lucas got his ass kicked by Sergio.
Edder and Sergio know that their friend is a true lucas.
Lucas, stop watching that pussy show!
Rene and Alex are playing with barbies, they are definitely lucas's.
You can tell Jorge is a lucas.
by EdderA February 24, 2008

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