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Lucas is the most amazing person you will ever meet, Lucas is sweet, kind and beautiful. Lucas will bring light to your life and love to your heart.

Biblical Meaning: Light of God-Bringer of Light
People with this name tend to be balanced, and receptive to cooperation. They are the ideal partner and seek peace.
I love my Lucas, he is my sweet angel baby!
by ChaChaBueno July 27, 2009
One who makes even the darkest nights shine with the brightest stars. He mends broken hearts, and makes possible new beginnings. He takes what has been shattered and lovingly puts all the pieces together again. He is tender, sweet, adoring, gentle, and kind- but most of all he loves with a full and open heart. He is the very air that fills the lungs, and the pulse that makes a heartbeat possible.

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Famous Wolf
Diminutive Form of Rudolf
Person 1: "So how did your date go last night?"
Person 2: "Oh it was great- the guy was so awesome- he makes my heart ache with joy!"
Person 1: "So he was a Rudy?"
Person 2: "Yeah, definitely a Rudy...he's amazing!"
by ChaChaBueno April 21, 2010
A loving term given to one's grandfather. Pop-Pop is the best grandparent you could ask for-loving, kind and doting. Pop-Pop will teach you about music, film, culture, and family values. Pop-Pop will force you to watch hours of boring family movies, and you will secretly love it! Pop-Pop will act is if he is very frugal, but is truly generous beyond belief! If you are blessed enough to have a Pop-Pop you are very lucky!
I love my Pop-Pop, he's an amazing grandparent!
by ChaChaBueno July 27, 2009
Jeremie is the sweetest, nicest guy you could ever hope to meet! He is the guy you take home to meet your parents-he is the guy you hope to marry and have children with. If you meet a "Jeremie" he's a keeper!

People with this name tend to be balanced, and receptive to cooperation. They are the ideal partner and seek peace.

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God will raise up; God will set free
"Oh my gosh! He is SUCH a Jeremie- I am totally gonna marry him!"
by ChaChaBueno July 27, 2009
Straddle Piss is when a girl wants to experience peeing on the toilet like a guy, but doesn't want to pee everywhere-so she sits down straddling to toilet and pees. Remarkably the pee comes up extremely fast and forceful-Straddle Piss.
Hey have you ever tried to Straddle Piss? It's freakin sweeet!
by ChaChaBueno July 28, 2009
A Dirt Zebra is performed when 3 individuals (2 Black, and 1 white or 2 White and 1 Black) engage in a sex-sandwich. For instance when a Black person is in between 2 White people or vice-versa.
A: Did you sleep with those two black guys last night?

B: Yeah! They gave me the Dirty Zebra treatment!
by ChaChaBueno July 28, 2009
Hubbing is an act performed by single girls who are on the prowl for married men. Girls who only hit on or flirt with married men. When your girlfriends' constantly hit on your husband when you're not around-they are Hubbing your guy.
Dude, my friend is so nasty-she always wants to go to bars to go Hubbing!


Hey let's go Hubbing tonight-I hear there's hot guys at the Applebees!
by ChaChaBueno July 28, 2009
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