Laughing to myself

People use LOL too liberally in colloquial online communication. Lots of things are funny but are you literally laughing out loud? LTM is a more appropriate usage
That was kinda funny, LTM
by chad_ah_lac January 20, 2013
1. Abbr. for "Live Through Me"
2. 21st century alternative to R.I.P. Especially used when an individual died violently, the assumption being that one cannot rest in peace if they did not die in peace.
L.T.M., to all my homies that passed away.
by The Frugie September 25, 2006
Listening to music or listen to music
Sal: what are you doing
Cas: Ltm
by fjdififjsishfbfygh April 09, 2015
Laughing to myself. Another acronym for describing laughter.
OMG that was so funny! ltm
by Cameron John Alyssa August 19, 2010
Laugh to myself
Example A: In order not to seem like I was crazy I 'ltm'.

Example B: (via txt) 'The professor fell asleep in class and I ltm!!
by IrisWolf88 September 29, 2009
"Laughing to myself"

Replaces LOL (laughing out load) when it just wasn't that funny.
In a chatroom.......

Her: I just fell outta my bed!
by P Dennis Panz July 22, 2009
laughing to myself
yeah your voice is like a mix between Fergie and Jesus. ltm
by Mr 305 August 31, 2010

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