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Producing brotherhood or bromance in large quantities or with great frequency
My buddy and I had a most brolific weekend working out, eating wings, drinking and hitting on girls together.
by Lamb Lamb July 21, 2010
When the police use an excessive amount of lighting, usually when reporting to a car accident. Lighting includes, but is not limited to, police light bars, flares, flashlights and search lights.
I witnessed a terrible case of road rave while passing a grueling car accident last night. The only things missing were glow sticks and ecstasy.
by Lamb Lamb April 22, 2009
Laugh To Myself. An acronym seldom used by those who don't actually Laugh Out Loud (LOL), but claim they do.
I'm creating Urban Dictionary words in lieu of studying for finals LTM
by Lamb Lamb December 13, 2009
Diabetic sugar daddy.
Giving my splendaddy his insulin every day is a hassle. I wish I had a sugar daddy.
by Lamb Lamb April 23, 2009
Unexpected erection.
I had a memorable unexpection yesterday after my friend accidentally grazed my crotch with her hand.
by Lamb Lamb October 13, 2009
The term used to describe the uncertain nature of an automobile's air conditioning system.
Guy 1: "Turn on the air conditioning, it's smolderingly hot in here."

Guy 2: "I'm trying to get it to work. If I turn off the radio, roll my windows down, and accelerate past 40 miles per hour, my air conditioning should start functioning again."

Guy 1: "Your car is so air conditional. Also, I fucked your sister."
by Lamb Lamb August 05, 2009
The listless state of consciousness experienced after eating a KFC Double Down sandwich.
Brad: "Why does Ken look like he's about to collapse?"

Trevor: "Judging by the lunch we just ate, it is my determination that Ken is suffering from Double Down Syndrome."
by Lamb Lamb April 17, 2010

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