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it stands for laughing to myself
something is funny, but not uber funny, so your not laughing out loud(lol), your laughing to yourself(ltm)
by rudy g October 20, 2007
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Laughing To Myself

-used when you are trying to make your friend mad (press their buttons) for no reason but they still think that you are mad at them.
CHRIS: oh? then ure calling him nd giggles weirdos 2 and her i think cus they gave her that name not me

JESS: no im not im calln u it.....ltm
CHRIS: oh lol
JESS: do u even know wat LTM stands for?
CHRIS: no clue but ur mad at me

(i wasnt actually mad at him)
by i luv ryan nd gregg June 11, 2009
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listening to music
Bill-What are you doing?

William- Nothing really, just ltm.
by millesky1* July 23, 2010
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1. Abbr. for "Live Through Me"
2. 21st century alternative to RIP. Especially used when an individual died violently, the assumption being that one cannot rest in peace if they did not die in peace.
LTM, to all my homies that passed away.
by The Frugie September 25, 2006
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acronym for "Laughing to myself"
People don't always actually "laugh out Loud" when they "LOL" many "LTM"
by whocaresnow February 28, 2011
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Short for "lunch table moment."
Refers to how you act around your friends or co-workers at your lunch table.

I.E. slamming your hands down to emphasize a point, pointing/reaching across the table at the complete opposite person from you, air hugging, etc.
Girl 1 (over messanger): I want to ask him out, but idk... I don't know if I'm up to his standards!

Girl 2: *slams hand down* Just do it! You know you want to!

Girl 2: Lol, LTM. (referring to "hand slamming")

Girl 1: xD Totally! I lol'd at that.
But the thing is, he's--
by Pierrot the Clown February 26, 2009
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