ridiculously good looking
DAMN!! lozzy you hot bitch
by uncle woo May 18, 2005
description of a girl or lady who is extremely attractive
Matt: "woah check Lozzy over there she's peng"
Si G: "Neh mate it's all about Naomi she's better than Lozzy"
Matt: "Woteva"
by Dude91 October 30, 2006
Lozzy is a a special breed of human that love loud music
a lozzy will do any thing it cant to recreate loud music in various forms and any way possible

a lozzy can befound in many different locations
a) by a bass bin in a night club
b) by a loud vehicle
c) fiddle with the volume control in dixons or currys

a lozzy will get very annoyed and aggitated if it cant play loud music
look sheila theres a lozzy by the bass bin lets catch it!
by lozzyc August 21, 2006

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