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This word is a different form of the often used 'lol'. However, this version is an abbreviation of 'Laugh OutZtandingly Loud'.

This is expected to overtake 'lol' as the most widley used laughing abbreviation on instant messengers.
"Emily and George are the coolest beanz in the tin LOZL"
by George Van Renselar December 03, 2006
The rubber band placed around the mouth to control the flow of Lolz.
I was loling so hard that I had to put on my lozl.
by Tapemaster21 March 19, 2008
Most people read this as a typo for 'LOLZ', however it is not. LOZL means to giggle or snigger, less so than the more commonly used 'LOL' but a laugh nonetheless.
"So I used her own walking stick to beat her to death"

"lozl, when was this?"
by Laserlad93 January 11, 2010
A mistyping of "lolz" which means a plural of laugh out loud. For some reason it has stuck on the internet.
Dave12334: lozl this joke is so funy!
imagenius: It's "lolz" retard.
by Dick Townsend April 04, 2009
Common type-o for the computer speak word "lolz"
LOZL yur so funny bob.
by Brandon159 August 18, 2007
Laughing out Zestfully Loud; which is derived from the original: LOL
Nick lozled as he flicked a straw full of soda at Steve's face.
by S December 22, 2004
Shortened form of lozzel, sorta like rofl, only cooler.
Someone says something funny...
You: lozl
by frinkeh August 27, 2003

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