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a new zealand clothing brand worn by wanna b gangsters and chavs
"wow is that a lower shirt?" "yeah you can tell that guys a bit of a chav."
by armondisn00b January 16, 2009
sophemores at phillips exeter academy
"there are 23 lowers in the Vbar this year"
by lil d April 05, 2005
prouned like the low in allow. A charver definition of money.
Example 1. I've got no lower.
by DianaDee April 13, 2006
Term used by street scalpers (ticket resellers) to describe tickets located in the lower level or front section of an arena, theater, or stadium
(Two bros looking for tickets) "All these small time scalpers out here only have nosebleeds, but no lowers.", "I know bro, we might have to watch the Lakers game at the bar instead."
by ollie boombayay March 24, 2011
a little nugget who eats way too much and wishes he had friends. the "friends" he has use him for his money, and his looks could kill. literally.
"Hey guys, I'm so glad we're all friends!"

"Shut up you little lower, nobody likes you."
by jkk687f May 28, 2004
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