To be lovesick means to suffer from an unrequitted love or deception.

Lovesickness has its own symptons, such as insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, loss of interest in everyday life and work, obsessive thoughts, mental intrusions and a frequent inclination to cry.

In the past, lovesickness was commonly recognized and diagnosed by doctors as an inhabilitating illness and received its own prescriptions.

In spanish lovesick means "mal de amor" and in latinamerican countries such as Colombia or Mexico it has its special celebrating day.
"I feel so lovesick that I will not be able to go to the office. I´m not in the mood even to dress up!"
by doctora yvonne October 11, 2009
Definition #1.Being so in love that
you feel sick when your
apart from the other
Definition #2.Sick of love.Being hurt
before and having very
little hope for it.
Good example would be
"So Sick" by Ne-Yo.
1."I feel so love sick when he's away
from me."

2."I am sick."
by ~jobella~ April 29, 2008
1.) When you've been in past relationships and things have gone right or wrong but possibly have turned bad after a while and you turn out missing that significant other and wish you were back with them.

2.) Liking someone so much that just being in their presense for just a few minutes is satisfying enough to the senses.
1.) When Kerrie broke up with me I got love sick to the point that I called her everyday and sent roses, chocolates, and cards to her door.

2.) I think I turned love sick when Jenni came and sat by me during lunch today and I felt some sort of chemistry between us.
by FlipUhNinO August 05, 2006
A disease one aquires when they fall in love with someone who doesn't give a flying rats ass about them.
Estella is utterly lovesick, for she longs to be with Walter, but Walter could give a flying rats ass about her.
by Forgetfullyfoolish May 20, 2011
A physical feeling you can get. Some people truly think it doesn't exist. Simply because they have never experienced it. It could be as little as missing their other half and waiting by the phone just to see a text or receive a call. In other cases, you can get physically sick over it. It's less common but it is very possible to actually throw up because of the pain. It feels like a major cramp in your stomach, perhaps a bad case of the butterflies. Some people end up not eating or sleeping much. It is a lot more serious that many people perceive it to be. Some are not able to come out of Love Sickness until they are really reunited with their love, whether or not they were actually dating. Love Sickness can be filed in through having a crush, being in love, having a boyfriend/girlfriend, being married, and it also can wash over you after a break up. Love Sickness is hard to cure and takes time and affection from others. It is no game.
"Hey bro whats wrong?"

"Emily and I got into a fight. Every minute I'm alone, the worse my love sickness gets..."

"Im sorry bro. Too mushy for me though man."
by AlmostCompletelyLost June 24, 2013
when you cant get overa person who completely ruined your love life.
HIM, love sick.
by Amy2043 January 06, 2012

love sick is the intense feeling of longing one feels without the one they love, characterized by teary phone calls, long hugs and kisses before goodbyes and constant thoughts of one's beloved - when you feel this way you are lovesick - your love becomes a bittersweet pain when you are not around your "sweetheart" - see definition
When a Paigey misses her Danny so bad it hurts - emotionally of course - because she is in love with him

Example Statement Made By a Love Sick Person:

"Oh danny I am lovesick without you here! Please visit me soon!"
by hadleylover July 25, 2009
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