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The feeling you get when you first fall in love. When you can not stop thinking of someone you love. Symptoms include light headedness, butterfly's, loss of ability to focus on everyday tasks, nausea, and inability to eat or loss of appetite.
Rose it's not your cooking, I almost threw up because I think I am lovesick over Michael.
by sjtoonces December 05, 2011
when you are so desperate that you check your cell phone every 5 minutes, just in case your ex has called or texted you.

And guess what ?!!! she hasn't. she is just having a great time with another man or a group of friends which didn't get along with you,
Sammy was so love sick with sandra that he couldn't even watch a movie through.
by SF boy July 26, 2010
someone who really wants to be in love. someone who is so tired of NOT being in love.
most high school girls are lovesick because high school guys are ass holes.
by briannna October 28, 2005
fucked up in the head about love
A: im hella done with love
B: naah hymie you just love sick
by +dan-yell September 09, 2008
Urging to fall in love with someone. Missing the feeling of Being in love. It could also mean... you have/had been heartbroken and all you really need is fall in love with a good person.
After i lost sara, ive been so lovesick.
by Rogelio O. November 10, 2005
the state of being tired of love, and the people involved in the feeling and/or act
Matt makes me so lovesick, and im not sure the cure
by wallory April 23, 2005