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Lumps of sweat and dead skin that accumulate under the breasts of a woman, a lot like male smegma.
She never washes, therefore she now has tons of lovecheese under her breasts!
by Pik October 29, 2006
another name for a baby A.K.A. Love child
Dennis and Holli made love cheese last month. She's due in October.
by Jennyekins March 24, 2006
the lump of hard semen that gathers if let to sit for too long on any surface
awww man he tried to make me eat his lovecheese
by cheese lover March 26, 2005
the hard cum and other materials gather around the japs eye of the tallywacker and hardens to form a disgusting, crusty deposit
dude i had to go to the doctors today to get that piece of love cheese removed cuz it was starting to gimme a rash
by jackman November 04, 2005
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