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the sexual position to which both are sitting, facing each other, with legs crossed behind their partner...
"have you ever had sex in a lotus? it really hits that spot..."
by psydecheax November 16, 2006
1. A flower.
2. An exotic, expensive British sports car.
When I raced my Porsche against the Lotus, the Lotus owned my ass!
by Imports Kick Ass August 08, 2003
A popular british sports car manufacturer founded by Colin Chapman with the ambition to build the best sportscars in the world using his philosphy of performance through lightweight. The current line of cars are the elise and the exige including many other version of these including the exige cup 240. They all hav a fibreglass body. Despite their low horsepower (189 in the exige) they are comparable in speed with cars twice as expensive including various Porches and BMW's.
Lotus owns the fuck out of Porsche FTW
by We-kill-suckers July 31, 2006
Loads Of Trouble, Usually Serious
That f**king car is a Lotus
by Huw_Jarse October 26, 2005
A flower that represents purity,
beauty, strength, and divine nature in Buddhist culture. Specific meanings depend on the color of the petals, and whether the bud is closed or blooming.
I have a pink Lotus blossom tattooed on my shoulder in a sleeve.
by Krystle December 12, 2003
live electronica band from philly
I saw Lotus play highergrounds last night...IT WAS SICK!
by Weekapa September 09, 2008
A girl who was the grace and beauty of the same named flower
That girl is everything Lotus
by Lotus11231 August 21, 2006
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