A male/female usually a victim of fashion, often sporting a "Fin" haircut and in full on cases of Lotion, with shiny skin as the result of covering themselves in tanning oil hence the derivation of the term.
This bar is full of Lotions.
Lotion bastard.
by Bix September 24, 2003
Top Definition
that which belongs in the basket-and-I stress this highly- if one refuses to put the lotion where it belongs, one WILL get the hose. Also, before placing it in said basket, it should be rubbed on the skin.
I'd fuck me
by hot sauce March 11, 2004
a cheap, inexpensive lubricant used for jacking off.
As he popped the porn movie in the dvd player, he reached for the hand lotion. . .
by Fatass February 13, 2003
What makes something slippery and SOFT.

Instead of going barehanded and making it hard, i used LOTION
by aznsavage222 May 28, 2004
A Topical Analgesic.
Hey buddy, I could use some of that lotion over there. I need a topical analgesic to soothe my boils!
by Alto Bizzalto October 28, 2004
when somebody acts homosexually. i.e. when a male touches another male or implies that he wants to be sexually active with said male.
you're lotion
#lotion #homosexually #gay #innapropriate #orange
by russjp October 26, 2010
Good; commendable; highly worthy of praise
"Look at that basket! Isn't it precious?"

"Yeah, it's lotion."
#righteous #bitchin' #sweet #fly #exceptional
by B-Phat May 16, 2006
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