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From the Ghettos of San Francisco.

Derived from the latin word lotche, meaning the gooey residue that comes out from a fish, when female sturgeon release their eggs.
I can't believe that kid ate that lotch.

dude, that sturgeon just dropped like 10 gallons of lotch.
by Eric Stefanski March 18, 2005
A completely meaningless word defined only by the context of which it's used. It can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc... Used only to make you sound smarter.
I picked up the lotch from my desk and took it to kitchen.

You: "I totally lotched that test."
Possible Response 1: "Way to go man!"
Possible Response 2: "That's too bad..."
Possible Response 3: "Dude, that's gross"
by Why do you care who I am? December 07, 2011
lotch : messed up, strange, amazing, or pretty much anything of an extreme nature
(In response to someone dissing you): "That was lotch, man."
(Someone makes an incredible catch in a baseball game): "Whoa, that catch was lotch!"
by Feasul April 12, 2004
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