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Did you see the fishbox? It got losted...
by DarkLurker- April 17, 2008
Top Definition
confused, befuddled, to be lost in a conversation, to not understand what is going on
"So that's what happened"
"I'm losted."
"She dumped him."
"Oh, okay"
by snake girl October 14, 2005
or "losed"

Tard's way to say "lost".

Alongside "winned", "lucker" and phrase "l2p" are the most common werdz used by League of Legends community in Europe.
Tard number 1 asking if his favorite team won last game - Fnatic* winned?
Tard number 2 (or someone intelligent, who is ironically trying to show that tard the right way) - No, they losted.

*Fnatic is professional League of Legends team from Europe.
by mastaofdizasta March 06, 2014
The act of misplacing one's top after an extended period of staring at a guitar.
Matthias had been staring at his guitar for some time when, to his surprise, he realised he had losted his top.
by Cyber doo-doo September 30, 2008

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