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A weekend lost to the bottle or other drug, often resulting in painful Mondays and the (correct) suspicion that you have a substance issue.
I came home from work to find the remnants of my lost weekend strewn around the house.
by CaptA April 22, 2009
Is the freedom that all marriages need. Husband and Wife get one three day weekend a year to go wherever they want and do whatever they want. They can only pay for things with cash to eliminate paper trail, and the best part is neither can discuss or ask about the trip afterwards. EVER!
If more marriages instituted lost weekends, the divorce rate in America would drop.
by dehubb October 25, 2011
A weekend that is consumed with such a high level of partying and excess that it is most certainly lost to memory and in some strange away even to serious consequences. Lost weekends are generally positive on the whole, although they often include elements of close calls, extreme emotion, physical pain and over doing it. Lost Weekends are typically on calendar weekends, when the release from workaday restraints serves to further fuel a two- to three-day period of debauchery.
Joe: Hey man, remember that time we went up to that festival and brought all those shrooms? Bob: Damn, yeah,'s pretty fogging. Talk about a Lost Weekend.

Or, looking ahead:

Are you headed to Trent's wedding in October? With the combination of stout lads and heavy drinks on that guest list, it's sure to be a Lost Weekend.
by Salvatorparadise August 27, 2013
What happened? Doesn't matter, I'm cool.
A Lost Weekend can actually last months or in some infamous cases (John Lennon) a few years...
by Big Gaspar May 14, 2016
A period of several days in which one indulges in activities such as drug-taking and sex.
Lost weekend = Fantasy first date.
by WhiteDwarf666 July 05, 2015
A weekend spent drinking, smoking, and doing other unspeakable things. Only to be kept between the people who were there. It looses meaning when everyone else knows about the weekend. Hence the "lost part"
"Hey Dan remember when we had that Lost weekend?"
"Hell yeah man! Shit was crazy"
"Glad we're the only people who know about it"
by Lost Weekend April 02, 2015
A weekend spent having sex and cuddling the whole time, only breaking for food and other necessary breaks.
Did you get much done over the weekend, Sally?

Nothing, I had a lost weekend with that new stud in the sales department.
by sqrfolkdnc March 16, 2009
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