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5 definitions by dehubb

Is the freedom that all marriages need. Husband and Wife get one three day weekend a year to go wherever they want and do whatever they want. They can only pay for things with cash to eliminate paper trail, and the best part is neither can discuss or ask about the trip afterwards. EVER!
If more marriages instituted lost weekends, the divorce rate in America would drop.
by dehubb October 25, 2011
What southern grandmothers call a Vagina
Girl you better stop being so fresh. You can't let everybody into your candy box.
by dehubb October 25, 2011
Really conservative football strategy that coaches use when they are trying to not lose instead of trying to win. Works sometimes in the regular season but rarely works in the playoffs.
Marty Shottenheimer, and Herm Edwards are the kings of Missionary Position Football. They don't understand that big risk yields big reward.
by dehubb October 25, 2011
A person of little means that lives well, and doesn't realize they are poor because they have well to do relatives, and friends. Also they take unnecessary risk because they know they have multiple safety nets.
I wish our brother would act more responsibly. He's never gonna get rid of that niggarich mentality until we cut him off and make him fend for himself.
by dehubb October 25, 2011
The most attractive woman in the world. She know things that woman should know but she's also well versed in things that mean care about. She likes cars, football, politics, stocks.
Monica Crowley is mansmart she's hot, and she knows what makes the world go round.
by dehubb October 25, 2011