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something completely inaccessible.
We went to the store but nobody was there and it was locked up tighter than a witch's cunt.
by sqrfolkdnc September 03, 2009
Talk at you later. A pre-www closing on a CBBS (computer bulletin board system), kind of like a single access blog accessed via a modem.

also TTYL, talk to you later
Hey, I'm going to dinner now.
by sqrfolkdnc March 03, 2009
A flying fuck is when one person is suspended from the ceiling and spins rather than thrusts in and out.
She hung by ropes from the chandelier and gave him a flying fuck.
by sqrfolkdnc January 21, 2008
A weekend spent having sex and cuddling the whole time, only breaking for food and other necessary breaks.
Did you get much done over the weekend, Sally?

Nothing, I had a lost weekend with that new stud in the sales department.
by sqrfolkdnc March 16, 2009

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