one who doesn't do anything but smoke herb all day
you're a loser dude
by janelle November 27, 2003
A person who's only love is their bong.
loser:"...yeah, I'm glad I went downtown with julien and lucia though, because I bought the love of my life"
by KOmega January 20, 2007
when it takes 60 people with the same definitions to define one thing, there you have a group of loser, plural form losers
these people aren't satisfied with one example, they need 60 more
by ... September 30, 2003
A common word used for someone who has a brain, doesn't like Justin Bieber and all the other crappy mainstream shit out there.

One who doesn't wear a high school sweatshirt during every day of middle school, just to look cool (skyline)

One who plays video games occasionally

One who is a decent person and not a douche bag

One who doesn't get high every day after school

One who attends college, and not a community college

One who is cool to hang with in da fro, bro
"That kid is such a loser, why are you hanging out with him"

response- "Whats your problem dude, hes not a douche bag like you and he doesn't wear a skyline sweatshirt every day. Hes cool"
by Da UbaPimp May 03, 2010
Someone who is so misguided and misdirected in life that they constantly fuck up everything. This is usually caused by stupidity compounded with low self-esteem. Losers can often be found doing self-destructive things like smoking, wrecking their cars, drinking, getting high, taking it up the butt, and gambling. Losers reek of tobacco, abuse their kids, and just set a generally shitty example for all of society.
I don't want to live next door to a loser. Losers thoroughly suck ass.
by cbubbles40 September 24, 2011
a person who is in the habit of making bad decisions, like gambling, smoking, or using other harmful addictive drugs. these habits screw up their lives and make them losers.
stay away from that loser. he reeks like a butt-sucker and even has a shitstain on his mustache. nasty.
by cldick September 20, 2011
A disgusting person with no future, except for lung cancer, if that counts as a future. This person is really nasty and reeks of smoke. They have no ability to make effective decisions and therefore make a lot of stupid mistakes in life. They tend to spend money unwisely and have no idea how to get ahead or improve themselves, if they even care to think about it. A loser has such disdain for the world they live in that they just toss trash (for example cigarette butts) on the ground. They are filled with such self-hatred that they don't even really care to quit smoking. Basically a loser is lower than human shit, and they are that way of their own making.
Don't be a loser!
by fluffkitt September 28, 2011

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