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seriously bad-ass sunglasses...low rider style.
pull into that gass station. i gotta pick up some loques, the sun is really bright.
by JJ Smoaksalot July 21, 2006
Means whatever.

Also a Spanish term meaning whatever.
Well lo que...

I don't care what you say, "yea lo que I don't care either".

Breion - "Dang bitch you think you all that"
Cherisha - "I know I'm fly, lil girl"
Breion - "lo que"
Cherisha - "Don't get mad cuz I'm rockin these jeans"
Brion - "smiles and says, you know you lookin' good girl"
Cherisha - "Youse a bitch but you know you my whodie"
by Kietee025 June 25, 2006