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laugh out quiet as coined by the acronym master webring, presumably one would laugh out quiet when you dont want other people to notice it too much on irc..:
<Webring^> loq
<Webring^> which is laugh out quiet btw
<Webring_> your clown ass gonna be laughed at all over the net
<dannux> loq
by dannux February 07, 2005
Laugh out quiet - for those people who make no noise when they laugh!
I can't believe you mooned the boss. LOQ
by JJedward September 08, 2010
laugh out quietly
LOQ, the guy who invented LOQ must be gay
by bob November 13, 2003
Laugh Out Quietly. A Word Made My A School Girl in Australia when playing Netball. Everyone at her school uses it now.A day that Will Go Down In St Andrew's History. Used when somethings funny but not worth Laughing at. Go us Aussies
Laura: Hey Luce, did you see Roper's Hair Today.. His Hair Cut's pretty lame
Luce: Loq. (smile only) yes it's pretty lame. QUICK CATCH THE BALL
Laura: SHIT DUDE!! (lol) btw. whats loq??
ey.. ey..
by Luc dw May 18, 2005
That boy's loq as hell.
by $Null April 19, 2003
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