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1 Something indescribably awesome.
2 Or just, you know, awesome.
3 MMO word for "treasure" and shit but, the above definitions? Way better.
"Holy shit, that was fuckin' loot. I almost shit myself."
by Master Chunk November 21, 2005
9 32
by Anonymous December 11, 2002
564 325
Loot - Short for Leg-Foot.
Pronounced Loot (like Foot)

An enlarged, possibly swelled, area where the lower leg flows directly down into the foot, thus creating a leg-foot or 'Loot'.

Definable by the significant absence of any form of ankle.

The Loot is another form of kankle
1. "I rolled my ankle the other day and now I have a massive loot"

2. "Jamie has a loot"

3. Fat people commonly have a case of the loot's
by TootDog April 14, 2009
324 198

1. to steal or rob

2. stolen money or goods

3. any money

The three delinquents conspired to loot a TV but were caught in the act.
by Light Joker December 29, 2006
181 113
Also known as lewt, l00t, 1007.

Slang used in many games for items or money contained on a enemy.
OMG phat lewt! (Anarchy Online)
loot the corpse already!
by Soljia March 03, 2005
184 161
To loot is to steal, raid, or plunder.
Going off to loot the kitchen. I'll be right back.
by Will December 21, 2003
122 110
these are items that mosnters drop when they're killed
the boss didn't drop good loots to be used
by angelusclyne December 19, 2007
6 2
to steal a item that does not belong to you. pirates were awsome looters
that pirate took my loots! :(
by ZzTop September 07, 2006
2 5