A drinking game in which the participants consume Haribo fat-free gummy bears before trying to attain the contact information of an attractive member of the opposite gender. Due to the explosive effects that the gummy bears impart on the participants bowels, this means that the attempt to attain information is under a very strict clock. If the participant attains correct information before expelling the contents of his bowels then all of his / her comrades must drink, otherwise he must.
Dude, I totally loose cannoned that girl.

by OtherPseudoname May 16, 2014
1) Something the police chief calls two cultually different partnerd cops, when he is angy with them and when the police chief has "the mayor on his ass"

2) In an erotic gay movie about police: The thing that the police chief looks forwad too when "has the mayor on his ass"
1) "You two are loose cannons, but your damn good cops!"

2) "I like the two on your loose cannon, let's play good cop, bad cop!"
by EmilioEstavezFan#1!!! October 08, 2009
A person with a disability who reinforces the stereotype that people with disabilities don't care about their appearance and don't care what others think often at the detriment to themselves and others with disabilities.
Did you see that loose cannon at the hearing? They need to get it together!
by disabledwoman June 05, 2013
Someone who gets stuck into the coke on a regular basis and loves to party.
Max the axe is a loose cannon. That cunt needs to be put on a leash!!
by getonit November 18, 2009
A premature ejaculator; No safety on his gun.
Since he had a loose cannon, he blew his load in his pants.
by Dome Froggie December 14, 2007
An open fly with your junk hanging out unpurposely.
Mike - Dude, check out the loose cannon!
Stu - Aww man, not again...
by Ben Crocker April 20, 2005
A penis that has a premature ejaculation problem;
Having no safety on his gun
Lucas has a loose cannon. He was hooking up with this one chick and he blew his load in his pants.
by Dome Froggie December 18, 2007

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