a) (offensive) an irrational/non pragmatic/behaviorally unpredictable person who is neither under the influence of any drugs/alcohol nor has ADD/ADHD
b ) (sarcastic) a person who does rational and somewhat pragmatic things first without, however, having thought them through properly and then asks intelligent questions regarding his previous pragmatic actions
c) an offensive term for children with, or perceived to have, ADD/ADHD, regardless of whether or not this is truly the case
boy a) my girlfriend is such a loose cannon, and makes the most irrational, non-pragmatic decisions, is there anything I can do?

boy b) are you lol, your girlfriend's social worker or psychiatrist? It may be that she is just a loose cannon according to you, IYHO only and normal to everyone else. and lol, is it possible that you are a loose cannon according to her?

boy a) Dunno and idc if i am a loose cannon according to her. IMHO she needs a few doses of methylphenidate
by sexydimma May 04, 2013
1) Something the police chief calls two cultually different partnerd cops, when he is angy with them and when the police chief has "the mayor on his ass"

2) In an erotic gay movie about police: The thing that the police chief looks forwad too when "has the mayor on his ass"
1) "You two are loose cannons, but your damn good cops!"

2) "I like the two on your loose cannon, let's play good cop, bad cop!"
by EmilioEstavezFan#1!!! October 08, 2009
A person with the ability to go off unprovoked (usually under the influence of alcohol) at any time, cause disaster at a whim whilst completely unaware of the carnage around them.
He's a loose cannon, he could go off at any time.
by SmokerOfDogs July 23, 2015
A person with a disability who reinforces the stereotype that people with disabilities don't care about their appearance and don't care what others think often at the detriment to themselves and others with disabilities.
Did you see that loose cannon at the hearing? They need to get it together!
by disabledwoman June 05, 2013
Someone who gets stuck into the coke on a regular basis and loves to party.
Max the axe is a loose cannon. That cunt needs to be put on a leash!!
by getonit November 18, 2009
A premature ejaculator; No safety on his gun.
Since he had a loose cannon, he blew his load in his pants.
by Dome Froggie December 14, 2007
An open fly with your junk hanging out unpurposely.
Mike - Dude, check out the loose cannon!
Stu - Aww man, not again...
by Ben Crocker April 20, 2005

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