A colloquial description of a homosexual or lesbian person. The word 'Loom' is loosely originated from 'Fruit of the Loom', a major brand of clothing. Fruit is also slang for a person who is gay. The latter word Loom has recently gained popularity at the turn of the 21st Century when describing Queers.
1. Man, they got nuthin but Looms working out at this gym.

2. I think we're in Loomsville - the gay district.

3. Queer Guy: Hey let's go looming tonight at our favorite bar.

4. Jim roosTa: Yo dude, that Loom over there is checking you out dawg. LOL!

Jack himalaYa: Fuck you. You got it all wrong - that Loom is looking at you fool.
by vedenos March 28, 2007
Top Definition
A mechanical device by which one creates
cloth from weaving together threads
Penelope spent her days weaving a shroud
for Laertes, and her nights unraveling the cloth she had made.
by G Canis January 19, 2004
Some one that stands JUST outside the shoulder circle. However, it doesn't always have to be outside a shoulder circle, one can just stand behind any random person.
Can put their head over other peoples shoudlers (dirty loom)
- 'Man, stop looming us!'
- 'Dude. You're getting loomed.'
- 'Go away, you dirty loom!'
- *turns around to find themselves being loomed* 'Ahh!'
by RadicalRat April 11, 2009
Loom is another word for having sex, getting layed, to fuck etc
Oh yes, look at those legs, I'd love to loom her, I'd definitely give her a good looming.
by teknonutter June 29, 2005
An autocorrect of 'LOL'
'Old dog's so dumb'
'I know, loom.'
by Angue January 05, 2015
Loom: this word comes from ass deep in the Middle East this word mean to walk in a certain way that is very distinguishable. When people loom the walk can look like a slither, saunter, hobble, float, creep, or walking with a gimpy leg. When people loom it is very easy to tell that they are looming.
Clarence: Hey Davit look at that man out deep walking towards us he is walking kind of funny.
Davit: What that man out deep is doing is called looming
by creep master November 21, 2009
something that is uncertain and has a precence of doom to it.

we often presume people with something to do with loom are often obese and very likely secluded from society aka. prank.org
"you sir, is a loom."
by The Giant Dingus May 20, 2005
Looms is a phrase used by all the Gangtaz and Thugs meaning: "damn this is funnier than a blindfolded, midget soccer game on a field of Lava, while riding pink zebras, playing with a ball constructed of blood oranges"
"Ya my hommie, i was pimp'n it up on my couch. watching the price is right and IASIP. it was funny. ya see?"

"Hehehe, LOOMS"
by claire reiner October 27, 2007

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