lool is derived from the term lol. People found out about "lool" from accidentally typing an extra l in lol but people use it now because it sounds good.
Chatter #1: Yo dude, that was soooo fucking funny.
Chatter #2: lool
by Rezert May 30, 2008
Its a typo.

someone attempts to type 'lol'

And suffers from FFS (Fat Finger syndrome in ths case)

That person is then mocked, but it catches on, and becomes synonymous with them on that forum/discussion board.

an example smiley..
-bob- that was funny.. lool..

-cat- Hahaha! you said lool!

-bob- I pwn LOOL!

by MrMaybe June 25, 2007
Often seen as a typo in typed messages, LOOL actually stands for, 'Laughing Overly Out Loud'. A derivative of LOL.

You ran into the wall lool.

Remember that awesome party lool.
by English Jon in Canada November 16, 2008
1) Pulling a Lannister (game of thrones)
2) Having Sex with a family member
3) Incest
Jamie and Cersei from Game of Thrones

Person 1: You hear that rumor about Jamie and Cersie?
Person 2: Yeah they were fucking each other
Person 1: Yeah those lools
by Sndb October 21, 2013
Just as an Lol means to laugh out loud at something lool means to laugh but also to drool you emphasise the 'o' thus making the kind of lool.
You could use to agree to a friend if they say 'Phwoar I'd well tap that' in agreement you may say 'Lool yessa'
by Theguywhoknowstoomuch January 07, 2010
lol acronym accented with two emoticon eyes for a surprise and 'ooh' effect.
Comment on funny face is LOOL
by Numbuh_4 April 04, 2009
Laughing Obnoxiously Out Loud
LOOL, that was so funny.
by P Dog February 26, 2008

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