3 definitions by Omajinai

1. A spin off of the word lool
2. Something that's somewhat funny
Kali: "Heh, that was loolish."
Katey: "...loolishly Amusing?"
Kali: ">.> ...yeah. Loolishly loolly with a lool on top ^^;"
by Omajinai December 20, 2003
1.A bird of somesort that people keep telling me of...
2. a crazy idiotic person who likes to rant.
Lyss: "Yeah, I saw a loon the other day.."
Kali: "...a crazy peep? Uhm.. that's.. nice..."
Lyss: "No! It's a bird!"
Kali: "O...kay? Uhm.. *coughs* OH!!! Did I mention my weird obsession for the E.D.B's of D.?"
Lyss: " *sweatdrops* no... you loon.."
Kali: "....I'MA CRAZY.. BIRD...BRAINED.... thingy? ...WHOO-HOO!!!! I mean.. YEE HAW!!!"
Lyss: "X.x;"
Kali: "...*coughs* so.. did you read my journal? ^-^"
Lyss: "Yes.. god you write a lot.. you loon! @.@;"
Kali: "Aheheheh.. ^^;"
by Omajinai December 18, 2003
1. a stupid typo.
...that some weirdo turns into an inside joke.
Kali: "lol"
Jodee: "lool"
Kali: "..."
Jodee: "sorry! Typo!"
Kali: "... BWHAHAAA!!! that was 'lool' ishly funny!!! You loon."
Jodee: "..."
Kali: "Loolishly loolly with a lool on top!"
Jodee: "..you're crazy"
Kali: "..and you're a lool."
Jodee: "Hey!"
Kali: "Hey monsieur lool!"
Jodee: *sighs* "Hiyas?"
by Omajinai December 18, 2003

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