A word Asians use to 'lol' (laugh out loud). Often a spelling error by Asians.
and i said i want 50 dolla to make the shitty wall and he said no u get paid 5 dolla lool what a nub.
by thenoob261 November 28, 2007
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A typo of 'lol' often made because of people with fat hands
by The Psycho Walnut August 28, 2003
laughing outlandishly out loud
lool... that is soo funny.
by matkins November 09, 2004
A cool loud laugh.
It has been derived from LOL and a simultaneous feeling of ice sliding down your back.
me: i need it to be friday
this week needs to be over man
ratik: lool
by Ratik and Rach April 15, 2008
Laugh Outrageously Out Loud
A:" I saw a cow in pajamas"
by 4L4y June 22, 2010
laugh out loud so much your... droooooling!
"That freakin' hilarious... lool!!"
by Molly65 September 15, 2011
acronym for "laugh outragously out loud".. a step up from, 'lol'.
d00d, that joke made me lool!
by disco stu November 02, 2003
lool is derived from the term lol. People found out about "lool" from accidentally typing an extra l in lol but people use it now because it sounds good.
Chatter #1: Yo dude, that was soooo fucking funny.
Chatter #2: lool
by Rezert May 30, 2008

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