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Transmission control protocol

One of the major protocols used in sending information through the Internet.

Much more secure and reliable than the other major protocol, UDP.
However, UDP is faster and therefore is used more with games and streaming. TCP is used for everything else, and if often referred to as TCP/IP, since it is so common.
Without TCP, our websites would be loaded with errors and missing data half the time.
by sharks445 February 21, 2015
Traffic Control Person : the guy with the "stop-slow" paddle , around the construction sites or excavating areas . Usually wearing lime-green outfits .
I know a good TCP guy from this company .
by MiBeIoTiGiDoDaGi May 26, 2014
group called the Town Center Pongers that originated in Las Vegas in the year 2007
TCP runs the streets!
by Nicholas Humperdink June 12, 2008
Teg Clutch Popper. Dumping the clutch on your friends Integra.
If you need to check if your clutch is still grabbing, give your car to a TCP.
by Steeka King March 07, 2007
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