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(1) a pubic hair that women occasionaly choke on, it can't be removed because its stuck in the crotch region very tightly. it can't be shaved because its made of steel.

(2) a really dumb douche bag. by douche bag i mean ignorant wanna be mean but can't stupid dick humper. and by the sentence above this one i mean a asshole. and by asshole i mean someone whos a dick. do u get the gist of it.

(3) a term used to describe mentally handicapped people or retards. the type of retard who would break a plate glass window with his boner then lick the blood of the broken shards and walk into a fueneral home half naked during a wake.

(4) simon cowell

(5) a word used to describe a genreal idiot. you know what a idiot is. like someone who cheats on their taxes...but uses a bright red pen and mispells words like "money"

(6) just a funny ass word to confuse the elderly with.
(1) AAAAAH frank you loofus finally broke off... but now its gaging the fuck out of me. i gotta shit.

(2) guy 1: i had sex with you wife...ANAL

guy 2: god damnit loofus.

(3) conversation
person 1: yeah so then the loofus came into my house with a baseball bat. then he kept screaming "peabut butter" and i was freaked because it was 2 in the morning. then these people came into my house and put this crazy loofus in a huge duffel bag.

person 2: thats crazy. loffus's are only here to freak people out and to amuse us. oh and alos to play piano

(4) simon cowell: that was gastly. excuse me i have to go home and vomit in my underwear draw. that was horrible. i'm gay

(5) person 1: your brother is a stupid loofus.

person 2: no he's not. why would you say that?

person 1: uummmm....maybe its because he just took a shit in my grandmas bath tub. then her threw his own fecal matter at her stuffed cat.

(6) young person: hi there old guy, did you poop your pants again

old person: WhAAAaaaa i can't here yaa
young peson: LOOFUS

old person: WWHAAAA, you damn hooligans. get off my porch with your stupid music. WHAAaa. i just soiled my self. JULIA!!!!

old persons wife: WHAAT MARVIN!

old person: i need a depense... HURRY UP WOMEN.

young person: wow, when i get old i'm gonna shoot my self in the face
by guess April 10, 2004
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