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It is the rare phenomenon in which a person is cursed with an unusually long nut sack which unfortunately more often then not will get caught in the zipper of a pair of jeans and cause excruciating and unbearable pain. This in turn limits ones sexual performance.
Larry David, Curb your Enthusiasm. "I have long balls, LONG BALLS!"
by Capitaann October 25, 2007
A condition occuring in males, characteristed by testicles slightly more distended than the average pair. The condition has been appropriated by some Afro-Caribbean communities as Long Ass Balls, which is something of a misnomer since the patient's anus is unrelated to the condition.
Untreated, Long Balls might result in serious medical emergency. Typically, complications related to Long Balls will arise when the patient suddenly twists his body, momentarily ensnaring the testicles in the fly of underwear which 'acts like a noose'. Scrotal haematoma, or contusion is likely to occur, or 'twisty balls' in laymans terms.
by alberto pardsnip August 11, 2010
any impressive accomplishment. based on a slang term for homerun, it is used to designate when one has "hit it out of the park"
i didn't know you can breakdance bill!
yeah, well chicks dig the longball.
by king kong NINJA April 20, 2004
something really boring and seemingly never ending. It can also be used for perfunctory tasks.
doing the housework is long balls
by diamondmanizzle3 October 27, 2013
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