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Ridgefield, Connecticut is a small, wealthy town residing in Fairfield County. Most would say that its racial balance is "unhealthy," which is totally true when you take your first gander at the staggering white majority. The town values its money dearly, and if you don't believe me, look at the bank, next to the bank, next to the bank. The public and private school systems are phenomenal, notably Ridgefield High School, Saint Mary's School, and East Ridge Middle School. The town is subtly historic, with 1700's era colonials lining the town's main street. This town is fairly cultured, with a large number of musicians and artists, along with the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Overall, it is an expensive but great place to live and grow up in, although you might have a secluded upbringing as a child. On a downside, however, the drug consumption and dealing rate is high, mostly because of the bored, rich teenagers with time to kill.
"Where is the nearest ATM in Ridgefield, CT?"

"Visit Union Savings Bank, it's right across from Citi Bank, which is right across from Wells Fargo, which is right across from Bank of America."
by Sock Puppet JJ October 15, 2013
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First, go in the middle of the freezing Connecticut woods, build an ugly little town out of wood, then make every store either a bank or a crappy pizza place. Lastly, add a bunch of rich people to the mix and some poor(ish) people to make the rich people look richer. Welcome to Ridgefield Connecticut!!
New at the high school? Don't worry, I'm sure if you're even a little bit different, the kids will cast you off as an insignificant piece of shit. Hungry? You have roughly 20 restaurants to choose from, none of which are that good, but hey it's fun to keep trying. Bored? The town has a large selection of drug dealers to hook you up with any sort of drug you want, as well as a wide variety of alcohol. Out of money? Almost every other fucking building in Ridgefield is a bank, so robbing and getting away should be a pretty simple task, for the police will not be able to figure out which bank you robbed.
Yes, Ridgefield is a beautiful little town in Connecticut that's sure to turn your kids either into unconfident stoner outcasts without the slightest knowledge of the world around them, or into hefty jocks that will indefinitely do a shit ton more drugs and end up dropping out of community college.
"Guess what son! We're moving to Ridgefield, CT!!"

"Thanks for ruining my future dad."
by TakeThatCommunism December 23, 2011
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Ridgefield, CT is a very prosperous suburban town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. As in many suburban towns, high schoolers get bored. they have nowhere to go and nowhere to get beer easily. Located on the border of New York's equally wealthy, yet so much cooler cuz it's in new york, Westchester County, Ridgefield kids entertain themselves by creating imaginary rivalries between Ridgefield High School, and the nearby John Jay High School in Cross River, NY. When John Jay students (or rather, any high school kids with NY License plates) arrive in ridgefield, the ridgefield clowns harrass them. This has caused retaliation at times, including the infamous Gambino Family-Ridgefield Incident of '04.
Westchester Kid 1: "What'd you do this weekend?"
Westchester Kid 2: "I curb stomped a prick from Ridgefield, CT."
by KtotheEtotheEVIN February 28, 2006
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