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When a person actually laughs out loud instead of just saying 'lol'for a conversation filler.
"lol i just lolled in that guys face"
by WatchOut March 21, 2005
v. (LAHL'd) Past tense of "Lol" (LAHL) which is the phonetic pronunciation of the commonly used internet acronym 'LOL'.

Used because the acronym form has become so overused, that often a person needs to further emphasize the fact that they laughed out loud.

The present tense is rarely heard because it is usually typed in all lowercase (lol), thus defeating the purpose of using the verb form in the first place.
1. "I actually lolled when you typed that! Like seriously lolled!"

2. (present) "You're to lol when you read what I'm about to type."
by wastingmytimerightnow May 13, 2012
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