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something extremely funny. So funny, it requires the merging of two words lol and rollercoaster.
you mean to tell me people on here actually get laid? LOLLERCOASTER@!*!@%&*!
by muldoonaz March 10, 2004
An alteration of "LOL" used when someone does something that takes you on a humorous journey of fun and whimsy, ie, tells you a funny story.
"And then you did WHAT with your sister? OMG LOLLERCOASTER!"
by Enigma March 12, 2003
Overly funny; something humorus said that takes you on a laugh-your-ass-off thrill ride. Or what only sounds clever, and your just laughing because you have no clue as to what is going on.
Amy: "...And like then, my girlfriend says, 'Like sure, but ice cream melts faster!' And it was all, like, TOTAALY FUNNAY!"
Gretchin: "Uh....Oh. LOLLERCOASTER!"
by Phatal October 10, 2003
1. A rollercoaster made out of lols. Commonly misspelled as lolercoaster.

2. An up and down lol series of related events; the most famous springing it's own name; the Lollercaust.
That series of stupid noob posts made the thread such a lollercoaster.
by manigordo April 27, 2008
a hilariously fun ride for all the family
zomg that lollercoaster pwned!
by b1nn7 August 25, 2006
A rollercoaster
A roflcoaster
A toaster
and some hard ass Lolling mixed together

is a lollercoaster
Suck my ass
Hell no
by Craxxors May 15, 2009
A rollercoaster of laughs and fun.
GUY- The Chicken crosses the road
by Epek June 11, 2007