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11 definitions by manigordo

1. A master generator of lulz.
2. One who lulz easily.
3. A loser for the lulz.
That lolcat macro sure is funnay, whoever wrote it is a lulzer.
by manigordo May 02, 2008
1. A laughable self-righteous catchphrase; "never forget".
2. Never Forget 9/11.
3. Nevar 4get ... The Fifth of November.
The Great Habbo Raid; nevar4get!
by manigordo May 01, 2008
1. Quite the obvious; white to differentiate it from previously common to nonwhite, and the slavery referring to being at least in a state of perennial indentured servanthood. It is currently used to refer to sexual slavery; or better stated yet, enforced caucasian prostitution.

2. The state of being addicted to cocaine.

3. The paranoia derived from the moral hypocrisy of the masses in relation to lolitas.

4. The dehumanizing overbearing burden known as work carried out by the majority of society's simpleminded white folks for the sole benefit of the freeloading parasitic scum known as the privileged ruling elite, jews and niggas.
I got to lure and kidnap me some underage dumb white trash girl to blackmail her parents, sold overseas, or at least just keep locked up as a sex toy. Perhaps if I doze her off with some coke... ZOMG! That's what white slavery is all about.
by manigordo April 15, 2008
1. A funny retarded confrontation, especially IRL, usually accompanied or filled with extreme angst, anger and drama.
2. A silly sissy catfight, either sex.
Look at those two 5 years old lolfight over that shitty piece of plastic. Ha, ha ha ha; it's so funny.
by manigordo April 30, 2008
1. A rollercoaster made out of lols. Commonly misspelled as lolercoaster.

2. An up and down lol series of related events; the most famous springing it's own name; the Lollercaust.
That series of stupid noob posts made the thread such a lollercoaster.
by manigordo April 27, 2008
Synonym of nobody; the jerk responsible of all the world's mistakes. See noone.
I've just found the office microwave completely fucked-up. Who did it? No-one did; since this is shit no-one cares about.
by manigordo May 01, 2008
1. A common misspelling of bastardization.
2. Setting a new standard in being a bastard.
1. That night, they were invited to dine with Piop'l—that's what they called themselves, and the anthropologists thought that this was a bastardarization of the English world, "people." They ate well, meat, leaves, tubers, and some thick fleshy flowers that tasted very sweet.

(From: www.fanfiction.net/s/2097857/5/Finding_Memory)

2. Your bastardarization of ringing on a doorbell and running away prank involves leaving a flaming bag of shit on the front door while filming the victim trying to put it away and then proceed to quickly upload the video to youtube.
by manigordo December 04, 2010