BAsically an orgasm of laughter
"I had a lolgasm today"
by cawcawcawcoo March 27, 2009
Laughing uncontrollably, succumbing to a 'lolgasm'.
The climaxing point of an enourmous laugh when you have to gasp for air in order to just say the word 'lolgasm' and then subsequently retreat into hysteria again.
Person 1: 'I'm not gay'
Person 2: 'Tell that to your bum hole'...'lolgasm!'
Lolgasm is like an orgasm for your laughing muscles. If something is very funny, and you laugh uncontrolably, this is a lolgasm. Typically, when you laugh so hard you can't breathe or it hurts, this is a Lolgasm moment.
Michael: So, I just like. Fell off.

Sean: Hahahahahahahahaha. LOLGASM.
by Lolitan. June 04, 2010
when a person laughs so hard they have an orgasm,
most commonly found in woman
man i just made my girl laugh so hard that she had and orgasm man that was such a good lolgasm
by conman259 March 06, 2010
Something so funny that it results in an orgasm.
The old man danced with his pants down and everyone had a lolgasm.
by toiletman13 August 27, 2009
When a person reaches the climax of a laugh or find something extremely funny, he or she reaches lolgasm.
This was the funniest joke that made me reach lolgasm.
by the bby February 01, 2011
When you break into a fit of laughing out loud and can't seem to stop :]

When your sides hurt and your eyes weep from laughing so hard.

Lolgasm is better than lolzer!!
I totally lolgasmed when he fell off his seat.
by Kim-123 September 13, 2010

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