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Slur of the word Lolz and Lol (Laugh Out Loud)
Thats so funny, lolerz.
by Richard [Zeratual] November 30, 2002
29 31
Used by idiots who like adding 'erz' to the end of ever word they find.
"..so I hit the wall"
by future X March 22, 2003
110 55
A word usually used in aim, which means laughing for a long period of time.
Instead of saying "lolol" you would say "lolerz"

Courtney: your crazy hannah!
Hannah: lolerz
by Hannah Cavallari May 24, 2007
16 20
More crap.
HoNdA cIvIc NiTrOuS: lolerz
BlackAnalRape: I hate you.
by H TO THE ARLOT February 10, 2003
13 47
said when something funny was said or had occured. only cool people say it.
x: What's a bro?
y: lolerz
by Frankie December 02, 2003
11 58