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Out of control, crazy behavior, twacked

Refers to Lokes a.k.a ice, meth, crystal, speed
I'm straight loked Yo!

Got sum cherry lokes, been twacked/loked out for two days
by Urztruly February 12, 2009
being crazy or out of control, straight gone wild and insane, all out crazy and enraged, about to beat some ass, do something crazy, feeling crazy, full of crazy energy, etc.
im straight loked fool!
damn, that nigga loked!
Loked to tha brain!
by whtboy November 14, 2005
being drunk off of four lokos
moira: did u see taylor last night? she was drunk as fuck.
Me: obviously moira. that bitch was loked
by mc3yee November 17, 2010
High as hell on marijuana. Sort of like "Chinese-eyed"
We just smoked 3 blizzy's and got loked out.
by sean January 19, 2004