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loke means in l.a. terms that your a young thug and down to do anything. things like what people in a real gang does.
good fight loke, you got them good.
by trey sanders April 09, 2007
Another name for Loki.
Balder: Aww, poor little Loke...
Loki: *twitch* I'll get you for that...
by Vamm Goda January 30, 2004
A word that is in between LOVE and Like
Tiffany Kao lokes Timothy Lo.
by Noviana April 02, 2005
To hang around a place or area. Particularly to hang around and do normal things that the locals do.
"I had time to kill before my flight, so I loked around the uppeeast side for few hours."
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
loving an inanimate thing. Really liking something.
I loke chocolate ice cream.
by Michelle April 30, 2003
The word meaning to "like like" someone or to like them, but not love them yet.
I really loke you.

Person 1: How are you and that girl doing?
Person 2: I don't know, I think I loke her, but I'm confused.
Person 1: Derp.
by Derpity Derp Derp. April 15, 2010
a vegetable, crack, sex
Go pick the lokes outside in the garden
by ur mom March 20, 2005