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When two poeple are in between love and like. When such two poeple are activly dating the word beceoms lokirs, or loking In Relationship.
In high school Greg and Sally were in loke with each other.
by Calvin Fred August 23, 2005
vrb--the act of liking someone more than just like....almost love....but not quite.....something nobody does...
The feeling between like and love.
they saw a long-lasting relationship in their future....at the time, they were in loke w/ eachother
by John and Monica May 10, 2005
Loke - 1,To smoke weed. 2, To go for a walk. 3, To see something. 4, To chill out.

Loke - A word deriving from the early 1990s and the period of Gansta Rap known as G-Funk. It has many definitions and can be used to descibe virtually any activity.
It was adopted by some in the West Country as a word to mean all things.
- Do you fancy a Loke? (of weed, cigarette etc.)
- Shall we Loke (go out etc)
- I was just Loking at it (looking)
- Lets just Loke (chill)
- Urghghh I'm all Loked out (busted)
by Digdogz April 18, 2005
to sniff ones own oder and find it arousing
look at them loking, or i loke all the time, its fun
by m0n90053m4n November 25, 2012
1. A hit of Marijuana

2. The act of being high (ie. Loked)
Yo that dude is taking a massive loke on that j!
by Bourgeoisi3 November 07, 2012
1)A feeling between like & love.

2)A step towards being in love
3) A nice way of saying i really like you, but don't love you, without getting in trouble
I'm in loke with you
by Tenkay March 06, 2011
A combination of "like" and "love." Describes the strong feelings you have for someone which are more than liking them, but you aren't ready to say "I love you."
When you are dating someone and you really really like them but you don't want to say "I love you" yet. Instead, tell them "I loke you."
by figtree_jamie August 31, 2010